If your life looks

great on paper

but doesn’t

feel great to

you, we need

to talk.

You want to change

But you feel stuck

You haven’t done an interview in years or maybe you feel you don’t have enough experience to land your ideal job.  You aren’t sure what you really want, but know you are ready for something different.  Let me help you.

You want to feel happier

But your lack of confidence holds you back

You make yourself super busy to distract yourself, but there is a sense of emptiness inside.  You need someone to listen to you who has been there, who gets it.  You know you are capable of more but realise you may need encouragement to get there.  Let me help you.

You want a fresh start

But you don’t know where to begin

You might be returning to work after a break (e.g. career break, maternity leave) or looking to set up or scale your own business.  Let coaching empower you with clarity and focus to help you move forward.  Let me help you.

I've heard it all

And much more from clients who come to me for coaching. Typically they may look like they ‘have it all’ but inside they feel unappreciated, undervalued, stuck or unhappy in their career. Often their working life is out of balance with their personal life. They know they are capable of more, but need some help to get there.


People I love to work with typically are:

  • Stay at home parents looking to return to the workforce
  • Returners – considering a return to paid work after a break (such as career break / sabbatical / carers leave / long term illness)
  • Seeking to feel more confident with job applications and interview skills
  • Looking for more work / life balance
  • Entrepreneurs looking to create a business out of their idea
  • Creatives looking for more fulfilment in their work
  • Lacking time for themselves with no self-care
  • Going for a promotion and want to be prepared for a new role