I work with people who are looking for positive change.  Is this you?

To get maximum results, it is recommended that coaching clients commit to a package of sessions. All of my coaching is completed remotely using Zoom. To take into account the effect of the Pandemic, I offer payment plans for The Full Pivot (12 hours of sessions.) There is the option of an up front payment of €999 (save 10%) or a monthly instalment plan of €183 which spreads the cost over 6 months.

I really enjoy working with people looking for work, returning to work after a break, starting self employment or changing career - essentially anyone that is undergoing a career 'pivot'. I've found that often it takes a number of sessions to build in meaningful change and momentum. I use my own PIVOT method when coaching:

  • P = Purpose - Why you are at the stage you are at?  What has brought you there? How has that served you?
  • I = Interests - What are you interested in? How does this translate into your life / career?
  • V = Values and Voice - How does your life & career fit with your values?  What does your personal branding say about you?
  • O = Opportunity - What is the next small step? What opportunities seem scary? What have you always dreamed of?
  • T = The Future - What do you need to happen to create the future you need?  How can you get there?

*Small Print: I’m probably not your typical Career Coach.  I am quite direct, energetic and fast paced. I use the GROW model of coaching and adapt my coaching style to suit the client.  Sometimes, I find this puts me more in the Mentor category than Coach.  I have over 20 years experience in Human Resources and Recruitment.  If something is glaring obvious to me, but not you then I will help you uncover the truth, even if that's a bit uncomfortable at first. I do all of the traditional career coaching services such as CV reviews, Cover Letter audits, LinkedIn Profile checks and Interview Preparation.  I think you have to have the basics right first and I can definitely help you get the foundations in place.

I can't guarantee that you will find a new job after working with me.  But I can promise that you'll look at things differently.  You'll be more confident when applying for jobs as you'll understand your own strengths.  You'll have more clarity on what you want and need and you'll have a plan to get you there.

Look at my Coaching Services or Let's Chat so you can find out more. During the call, we’ll get a better sense of each other and whether working together is the right option.  We can also discuss timelines and get a better understanding of how the coaching sessions will work best for you.  I complete most of my coaching sessions during Thursday and Friday daytime, or in the evening by prior appointment.



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