Why work with me?


Why work with me?

BECAUSE you’re ready for a change – I like to refer to it as a PIVOT (or know a change is coming anyway) and want to work with someone that will make you accountable for your actions.

BECAUSE you know you can do better but don’t have the confidence or belief to start or see it through.

BECAUSE you want to invest in your own self development and talk to someone who will actually listen.



Think of coaching  as a guilt free opportunity to step away from your busy life and explore whatever it is you want to that related to your working life.

  • You identify the goal.
  • You define what success is for you
  • You decide what steps to take.

My role as a Coach is to give you the time and space you need and deeply listen to what you want to talk about.  I’ll guide you through what you need to work on and hold you accountable for your actions.

COMMON REASONS for career coaching

  • They’re doing well life but want to use the services of a professional coach to get to the next level.
  • They want to feel more in control of balancing work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.
  • They want to return to the workforce after some time out.  This could be after maternity leave, carers leave, raising a family or a long term illness.
  • They want to transition out of their current role into a future working life they want.
  • They want to have a meaningful career and still be a good parent.   
  • They want to feel more purpose and meaning in their life and are considering pivoting away from the career they have built to self-employment.
  • They want to transition from working life to retirement (whatever that means for them).
  • They may come from a generation where their own mother / grandmother stayed at home to raise their family and they feel guilty working and not being at home full time.

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